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Solveig Englund

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Future Musicians Studio
Lakeville, Minnesota

"Music education is not the filling of a pail. It is the lighting of a spark."
- William Butler Yeats

My preschool music classes are held weekly in and around Lakeville, Minnesota, primarily at private preschools and childcare centers. I am also available for classes in home-based childcare settings. If your facility is interested in preschool music classes, please contact me for current rates and availability.

Music Class Structure

Each music class includes singing, rhythm activities, dancing, listening games, and an introduction to the piano keyboard. The classes are designed to foster growth of children's fine and gross motor skills, expose them to many different types of music, and have all-around good, educational fun.

Music Class Students

I accept preschool children ages two through kindergarten in my music classes. No prior musical experience is necessary.

Music Class Testimonials

Our children thoroughly enjoyed participating in Future Musicians. They have very fond memories of making music, learning rhythms, and singing. Solveig has a wonderful way with the children, and she definitely sparked their interest in music. I'd highly recommend this program to anyone with young children.

- Mary, Preschool Parent

Both my daughters loved the music classes and attended them every year until they started kindergarten. They enjoyed using their voices, moving their bodies to music, and playing instruments. This fun introduction to music led to their eagerness to learn to play the piano as soon as they learned how to read. Solveig is an excellent teacher and gives her students the gift of a love of music.

- Deb, Preschool Parent